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Golden Teacher: A Classic Psilocybin Strain

When Psilocybin is discussed, the Golden Teacher strain is often a common point of conversation. This strain is known for its yellow-gold appearance and wide mushroom caps. The Golden Teacher psilocybin strain has been around for ages and is often considered a fan favorite of those who take psilocybin mushrooms recreationally.

Though its origin is unknown, many believe the Golden Teacher psilocybin strain was discovered in the 1980's somewhere in rural Florida. The Golden Teacher was highly acclaimed not only for its effects from psilocybin but also from its royal gold and yellow appearance. The mushroom caps were significantly wider and brighter than other mushroom species at that time. Some believe the Golden Teacher is from Hawaii but its certain origin still remains unknown.

Psychedelic experiences often vary on dosage and potency but the Golden Teacher according to psilocybin lovers offer a more mild experience. This more mild psychedelic experience often attracts first timers and other magic mushroom curious beginners. Some report feeling more of a "shamanistic" effect as opposed to a "tripping" effect. Given these properties users have reported feelings of euphoria and clarity and enjoy dosing while on nature hikes. Other strains may have a more physically heavy effect which may not be as enjoyable in nature.

As stated in our other content a recreational dose is anywhere from 1 to 2.5 grams. A microdose is typically a 10th of that dose equating to .1 to .3 grams. This applies to the Golden Teacher psilocybin magic mushroom strain as well. Like cannabis in its earlier days acquiring specific strains of psilocybin is very challenging. It is uncommon to acquire multiple strains of psychedelic mushrooms from a single source due to legalities. As a reminder psilocybin is considered a schedule 1 drug under the controlled substances act and possessing it can result in fines and jail time. There are limited areas in the country (Denver, Oakland, Washington DC) where possessing psilocybin is decriminalized. As a reminder start low and slow when starting off with any new substance. Micro-dosing is a safer/conservative bet for those who are new and curious to the space.

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