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What is Psilocybin?

Psilocybin has been a hot topic in recent years. The naturally occurring psychedelic compound can be found in over 200 Fungi species! The effects of Psilocybin can be compared to DMT, LSD and has some similarities to mescaline. Though Psilocybin mushrooms are considered illegal in most of the world there are parts of America that are starting to decriminalize the natural fungi compound.

What are the Effects of Psilocybin?

This is the million dollar question asked by those who are curious on their psychedelic journey. It is important to know the psycho active effects of Psilocybin vary exponentially by dose, user and species of psilocybin mushroom consumed. Microdosing is becoming popular and adverse effects are being reported less. The less psilocybin consumed the lesser chance a user may experience effects that are unwanted. You may have also heard users anecdotally mention that one large factor of a psychedelic journey is a users mindset. Users who take larger doses recreationally and who have unresolved thoughts, traumas or events occurring in their lives typically report adverse effects more often than those who take a lesser amount and are not dealing with negative emotions.

Many users report feelings of focus, euphoria, and relaxation. Negative effects include paranoia, nausea, and confusion. A Wavy Cap mushroom may provide a user with a varied experience compared to a Liberty Cap Mushroom. One valuable species bares the name "Penis Envy" and is often times reported for visual and introspective journeys. Regardless of the species used the best rule of thumb for inexperienced users is to start with a microdose or low dose. A microdose (0.1g-0.3g) is typically a 10th of a recreational dose (1.0g - 3.0g).

Decriminalization of Psilocybin in America

Psilocybin is still considered a very taboo topic. Conversations surrounding microdosing psilocybin in a nation that is just discovering CBD is very much foreign. Cities that have decriminalized psilocybin include: Oakland & Santa Cruz California; Denver, Colorado & surprisingly Washington, DC. It is important to understand that decriminalizing psilocybin does not mean psilocybin mushrooms are legal. Psilocybin may still be confiscated by law enforcement. The chances of being arrested and processed in the cities mentioned above are slim.

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